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Developer of Until Dawn will Not Be Sony Exclusive Anymore

Until Dawn is one of the best Horror games of 2015. It satisfied the horror game cravings of fans just when the Silent Hill game was officially canceled.

Not a lot of people were familiar with Until Dawn. This game didn’t have much traction when it was first announced. But, when the first trailer of the game was released, a lot of people were excited to get their hands on this horror game.

You see, like most Playstation 4 titles, Until Dawn gives you a movie-like experience where you will be presented with choices and every choice you make will have a huge impact in the game.

Basically, you pick an option, and then you watch how your choices will affect the game. It is much like seeing an actual horror movie, only that you will have an interactive experience by choosing different options that will hold value into the game’s outcome.

The game’s developers, Supermassive Games, has been a Sony-exclusive company for so long. In fact, they’ve worked with Sony for more than 8 years and the company has finally decided that they will work with other gaming companies from here on out.

SuperMassive Games’ speaker, MD Pete Samuels, said in a recent interview that they’ve worked for Sony exclusively for 8 years and their relationship is a strong as ever.

But with games becoming highly competitive and gamers flock to one game console and not the other, it would be wise for them to support multiple platforms instead of just one game console.

Even though they are an independent game studio wherein Sony does not have the power to tell them what games they should make, the game developers in the studio said that if they were to succeed in the business, in the long run, they might have to partner with other game consoles and platforms as well.

As previously mentioned, some people choose to play on one game console only and having a Sony-exclusive title will net them some lost revenue if that is the case.

Until Dawn garnered massive success even though it is only available for the Playstation 4. Now imagine if the game were to be ported to, say, Xbox One? They would’ve easily snagged the “One of the best horror games of all time” title.

This move will not be immediate, however. They will still be partners with Sony. In fact, the second installment of Until Dawn, which is titled “Rush of Blood” will be released exclusively on the Playstation 4 platform, at least, for now.

Along with that, they will also release their Tumble VR game, which is their own game that will make use of the PS4’s upcoming VR headsets.

I think that this plan by Supermassive Games is a good one moving forward. I know that they’ve been loyal to Sony, but as a company, their life will depend on the sales and what the gamers would want.

So, if you port your games to different game consoles, it would be likely that your company will stay afloat in the gaming niche for a very long time.